CSW1800 automatic stitching &winding machine

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※ The device has been in improving and in the images displayed on this website and the data are for reference only, order should be to the technical parameters of both parties prevail. Any improvement, without notice

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【Character】This machine is widely used in flat panel displays for TV set, the new slimline (pen) aluminum electrolytic capacitor production and development of automation. 3000 nails in the traditional paper based on machine-depth improvement and optimization, performance and stability, good quality.(1) The winding diameter of the largest sub-prime φ18mm, electrolytic paper width 15 ~ 60mm. (2) is the shortest length of foil winding is 110mm. (3) take-up of high-density high-voltage electrolytic aluminum foil and paper. (4) stability of the winding length and pitch. (5) the first four rolls of paper type and function of two options, and add volume center pad of paper. (6) High efficiency and high quality production equipment, the same capacity for the production LOW ESR and high pressure products. (7) Applicable specifications: φ8 ~ φ12.5, φ16 ~ φ20.Chart】 【Outline Applicable Standard Adjustment standardProduct diameterProduct Trailφ 8 ~ φ 20Product lenghtMechanical speed20-30pcs/minPower Efficiency Efficiency demandVoltageVoltageAC220VPowerPower6kwAirAir pressure5.5kgf/cm