AVC-388 automatic base assembling &testing sorting machine

Product categories:V-CHIP-chip capacitor

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1, This machine is specially suitable for the production of surface mount (SMT) chip, high-quality ultra-thin (V-CHIP) designed for aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
2, chosen by the machine precision mechanical parts and precision CNC machining center CNC lathe Seiko secret agents, by a special process to do surface treatment, precision and durability, reduce the failure rate, improve production efficiency.
3, the machine is equipped with high-precision differential capacitor tester, in the production process of the product and reliable sorting capacity of the polarity detection, removing bad products, to ensure the quality of reliability.
4, modular design, mold all through high precision grinding and polishing, and membership drawn from the vacuum, the transfer products, products for the most sophisticated care, so that no damage products, improve product quality grades.
5, the machine precision CCD camera optional identification device, the machine running the product appearance, quality printing for high-speed identification, timely detection of defects and other quality problems and avoid the production of defective products.
6, all test points are used highly sensitive and reliable sensors imported to ensure that any adverse condition in a timely manner down, to take to avoid the production of defective products and the purpose of protecting the machine.
7, this machine is large-screen TFT color LCD display interface, the production process to set easy, clear failure display, the operation control of the process at any time, so that the machine is not only convenient operation and maintenance and full of humanity.