THC-990 Automatic vacuum impregnation assembling machine

Product categories:V-CHIP-chip capacitor

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1, the machine is dedicated electrolytic capacitors impregnated assembly automation equipment, the overall design particularly suitable for manufacturing high-quality micro-chip capacitors;
2, The machine is equipped with advanced machines in real time vacuum impregnation system, a stable impregnation effect;
3, sub-prime impregnated immediately after the assembly package, shorten the sub set to air in prime time, more high-quality capacitor production process requirements;
4, the election machinery of the stopper hole and then is adopted into the disc is selected, not elected are not into the disc, leaving elements are not selected to avoid sub-plug lead to yield loss distortion;
5, the mechanical parts of the surface coated with a corrosion resistant hard chrome, prime promoter of the fixture by using the special hardened stainless steel, corrosion-resistant electrolyte, good looks, durable, and can prevent contamination of sub-prime;
6, the mechanical seal waist servo motor drive, simple structure, wear, sealing the finished product can maintain the consistency of shape and size;
7, the mechanical man-machine interface, the panel can display the operating conditions, simple operation, at a glance.