CSW-898 automatic stitching &winding machine

Product categories:V-CHIP-chip capacitor

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1, This machine is designed for high-end chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor production design, with high precision and high pass rate of take-up capacity.
2, The machine adopts modular design for easy testing and maintenance; part by the precision CNC machining centers and CNC lathes and other precision machining equipment Seiko secret agents, by the special process for surface treatment, precision and durability, reduce the failure rate, improve production efficiency.
3, the electrolytic paper and tape are designed to discharge institutions available and efficient of the traditional monolithic spiral, in line with industry standards, reducing operator labor intensity, improve production efficiency.
4, sub-prime short-circuit detection, timely remove bad products, the quality of the finished product to eliminate hidden dangers, and avoid waste of material after the procedure, to enhance user confidence in the quality of the product.
5, the lead conveyor positioning using stepper motor, transmission, high precision low loss, lead positioning accuracy and efficiency are higher than ever before, and avoid adverse riveting.
6, all imports of sensitive detection of point sensors are used to ensure that any adverse condition in the down time, not only to avoid make no use of materials, and can achieve the purpose of protecting the machine.
7, this machine is large-screen TFT color LCD display interface, set the easy, clear failure display, the operation control of the process at any time, so that the machine is not only easy to maintain and full of humanity, in fact, the first choice for production of high quality capacitor production equipment .